Jobs at Tsujikawa

ここでしかできない仕事があります。 Jobs at Tsujikawa

Tsujikawa's challenge

Tsujikawa is taking on the challenge of expanding into global markets.

The economic environment surrounding us, the social framework and people’s values are changing at a faster pace than our imagination. Tsujikawa strives not only to keep up with these changes, but also to stay ahead of them and constantly create new business fields. It has been more than 90 years since Tsujikawa was incepted as an engraving company. Since then, Tsujikawa has pioneered various new markets in Japan and abroad, in partnership with its customers. In July 2004, Tsujikawa established an overseas subsidiary in Shanghai, China. Based on the technologies and trust we have built up over the years, we have set out to take on the new challenge of expanding into global markets.

We will strive to meet a variety of engraving needs not only in Japan, but also around the world with our unique proprietary technologies.

The kinds of people Tsujikawa seeks to hire

Tsujikawa seeks individuals with creative thinking and a passion for innovation.

"The technology that can only be found here"—this phrase expresses the unrivaled engraving technology that Tsujikawa has built up over its 90-odd-year history. Throughout its history, with its identity grounded in engraving technology, Tsujikawa has opened up new business opportunities in a broad range of business fields, with a strong challenging spirit. This was only possible with our employees, both past and present, who pursue constant innovation with creative thinking and strong determination, while embracing tradition. Tsujikawa welcomes individuals who have strong passion, unlimited imagination, and motivation for manufacturing innovation. At Tsujikawa, we encourage our employees to design their own career paths and life. All members of Tsujikawa are working as professionals in their respective areas.